Shropshire Wedding Photographer

We are all stories.
I want to help you tell yours.


I’m Robert. Or Rob. Rarely Robbie. I’m a shropshire wedding photographer but I end up shooting couples in all corners of the UK. I’ve been covering weddings for about 5 years and love it more with each day! I love music, odd cult films and anything with the words Salted Caramel in the name.


I’m passionate about shooting weddings. I love capturing all the details that make your day unique, from the emotional moments getting ready to your great aunt’s secret dance-moves. I aim to tell the story of your day, of your love, giving you photos that evoke the emotions of the day, over and and over again. Please check out my blog to see some of my recent weddings.

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Drop me a line on the contact page, email me on or give me a call on 0780 8703 6317

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